The journey to using rolling forecasts began at ThedaCare in 2009. That fall a project was commissioned to look at replacing the budget process. John led the project which replaced the budget with a rolling six quarter forecast (6QF) for financial planning. A savings of two or three weeks’ time on the part of each manager at ThedaCare. Manager time was redeployed to improving operational performance.

ThedaCare utilizes 6QF
Rural Community Hospitals utilize 6QF

Rural Community Hospitals of America

After ThedaCare, John became the CFO at Rural Community Hospitals of America, RCHA. The 14 rural hospitals managed by RCHA transitioned to using the 6QF. These hospitals are doing two scenarios each quarter, a base case and a target scenario.

Adams County Regional Medical Center

As part of a turnaround plan, Adams County Regional Medical Center implemented the 6QF. After the second quarterly cycle, hospital leadership and the board decided to use the 6QF for financial planning and not complete a budget for the next fiscal year.
Adams Country Regional Hospital utilizes 6QF